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Head Chef – Ivan Perez

Enter the world of culinary genious

Head Chef: Ivan Perez

Ivan Perez Escalona is an expert in Spanish and Mediterranean cuisine, who has both the educational background and work experience to back up his expertise.

Born and raised in south of Spain, Ivan started his chef career with obtaining an associate degree in Culinary arts in Marbella and continued working towards perfection in one of the most awarded culinary schools in Spain – Centro Superior Hosteleriar Mediterranean located in Madrid.

After having learned the A to Z of Mediterranean and Andalusian cuisine Ivan decided to complement his knowledge in desserts. Furthermore, he was offered a chance to work side-by-side with a Michelin star chef with three stars in Barcelona to understand the full concept of creating spectacular Spanish desserts.

Ivan kicked off his career with quite an untraditional step for a chef – by establishing his own restaurant. A task that is usually taken by chefs with more experience, but Ivan proved that his ambition was pushing him in the right direction and in four years he managed to establish a well-working restaurant spectacular both in style and taste. After having experienced what it means to be a chef and an owner all in one, he focused on building his career as a chef and quickly became the head of kitchen in the Mediterranean restaurant Los Farolen and later in a locally beloved Italian restaurant in Marbella. However, Ivan’s culinary expertise reached a whole new level, when he was asked to work side by side with some of the most awarded Andalusian chefs in one of the most prestigious fine dining restaurants in Puerto Banus. An experience that gave him all the necessary skills for the next step in his career ladder: becoming an executive chef for the restaurant for the Blue Bay group.

Samples of Ivans Work

Work Ethos

Throughout his career he has developed his culinary style, which has settled to be a fruitful mixture of his Andalusian roots, modern and exciting flavor combinations and established Mediterranean traditions.

Ivan believes that an exceptional restaurant doesn’t only need a chef, who knows how to create sensational taste combinations, but also a leader, who leads the kitchen team through the everyday battlefield of creating a positive customer experience that delivers to all senses and that is created in a sensible waiting time. Having worked as the head of kitchen and as an executive chef Ivan has the know-how, of how to create new dishes and well-balanced menus. His skills in team organization and administration of employees add up to his dynamic personality, punctuality and eagerness to innovate, which make him one of the most wanted chefs by noted restaurants in Spain.

Ivan’s pedagogical skills as part of his educational background as a certified teacher combined with his chef experience, makes him a valued member of the Rex team.